‘At first I was scared.

Because it was something new for me.’



‘But then I called Direct People.

And I found this job.’



‘Now I love going to work.

My new job isn’t boring at all.’




Also money is good.’


Your new job with Direct People

Looking for a job in production, logistics or technical sector? A job that can unlock your potential, give you a sense of stability, and opportunities to grow?
At Direct People our ambition is not to give you just any job, but the right job.
Are you the right candidate? Scroll down to see what jobs Direct People offer, and make sure you leave us your CV.


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Logistics Jobs

Orderpickers, heftruck drivers, EPT operators, warehouse and packaging workers are in high demand in and around the city of Eindhoven. Direct People recruits logistics workers for such companies as Scherpenhuizen, GLS, and Service Best International. If you are looking for work in logistics, make sure you leave us your CV.

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Production Jobs

Production workers are needed in many companies in and around Eindhoven. Direct People recruits production workers for such companies as Scherpenhuizen, GL Plastics, and Eli Play. If you are looking for a long-term and stable job in production, please let us know and leave us your CV.

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Technical Jobs

Direct People recruits for major technological businesses in the region such as Buvo Castings, Prodrive Technologies, and VHE. Technical jobs are a great opportunity for you if you have technical background and some experience as an electrician or an electronics assembler. If you are interested, please send us your CV.

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